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We are an international design studio with bespoke interior projects worldwide, now with online boutique

We design places where people feel like they always want to return to. Inspired by traditional artistry and sophisticated design, we create a cultural mix of intimate, timeless interiors.
With youth, energy and creative curiosity we reinvent ourselves over and over again. It is our passion to make new, exceptional combinations of bespoke furniture, lush fabrics and period details to an appreciative audience. Explore the different interior designs created for both residential and commercial clients, from upscale private apartments to lake house mansions and design concepts for luxury hotels. Each project is completely different.

We have a strong passion for interior design. We want to show what effects can be achieved with the passion that artisans and artisans strive for in their work.
There are many traditional techniques such as fresco stucco and gaufrage, which are often only used for restoration projects.
It is a challenge to show our customers that this still exists and that we can apply them in an innovative way. We do this by sharing details about how things are made, and revealing the stories behind design.

Heritage House, Amsterdam

Inspired by the Silk Route from the Far East, to the Golden Age of the 16th century, we created an interior design for this World Heritage canal house in Amsterdam.

The entire renovation of the full property took a total of two years.

Taking all the wishes and preferences of the client into account, this canal house is completely designed and decorated from the construction on. The entrance of elegant boiserie and a special bend wooden staircase welcome you upwards to the rest of the house.

"Traditional techniques that are mainly used for restoration”
The fun is knowing how to preserve the right feeling, but with fresh interiors. We share a lot of detail about how things are made with clients. There are traditional techniques that are mainly used for restoration, such as gaufrage on fabrics, but can be used in new creations.

Imagine all the artisans craftsmanship behind it, from Venetian fabric weavers to innovative lighting designers and avant-garde furniture makers.

Magical Italian Lake House - Como, Italy

The precise renovation of this unusual grand jewel on Lake Como took several years to full fill. This summer lake house with a light and aerial interior is strongly connected with the surroundings of the lake and the Italian heritage.

The Italian architectural details are restored and updated with contemporary design and exceptional furnishing. The pieces are sourced from Venetian fabric weavers, innovative lighting designers and avant-garde furniture makers.

"A design that doesn’t fit the location or building it’s in, won’t work.”
The marble flooring with typical Venetian mosaic and the extensive fresco work on the walls and ceiling were part of the reconstruction. We want to show people what effects can be achieved and the passion these artisans put into their work. 

This way, the lake house comes even more alive. A design that doesn’t fit the location or building it’s in, won’t work. The airy materials and classic color tones keep up the high elegance and Italian heritage at Lago di Como.

Contemporary & Timeless Canal Loft, Amsterdam

Keeping the authenticity of a historical canal house alive, while transforming the interior into an upscale loft is what made this project one-of-a-kind. Details of antique wood, brushed marble, silk carpets and parchment around the fireplace bring harmony to the building its heritage.

A bedroom with custom-made capitone headboard, all assembled and knotted on the spot, shows the true craftsmanship that was put into this interior decor. The timeless wood finishes and mother of pearl details wrap this room into sophisticated nest. In your home you want a sense of peace and harmony, to be cocooned.

“In your home you want a sense of peace and harmony, to be cocooned”
The interior creates an ambiance of the luxury materials, a little softness and contemporary feel. We fully renovated and decorated the rooms with the client’s personality always in the back of our mind.
With a stunning view overlooking the city centre of Amsterdam and knowing the amount of passion skill that was put into the design by all the artisans, makes this a dream home.